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Our story

Our future

The Museum is about to embark on an exciting redevelopment project.

The Roald Dahl Museum is a charity, and our purpose is to use Roald Dahl’s creative process as a key to help our visitors ‘unlock’ their own stories and creativity. We believe everyone is a storymaker.

That’s why we are working hard towards a major capital redevelopment project that will transform our entire site, and that’s why it is called the ‘Unlocking Stories’ project. A bigger, better Museum will help us champion creativity for more people than ever before.


What’s happening?

In 2024 we expect to continue our work with designers and architects, and talking to current and future visitors, to develop plans for the new museum. Watch out for emails and opportunities to get involved.

However, in Spring 2024 we are currently working on a revised timetable for the project: we received conditional planning permission in late February 2024, but this was later than we had hoped. That has caused a ripple effect through our programme, which is taking time to resolve.

When we close we expect the Museum transformation to take around 18 months. Please keep an eye on this page for any updates to our schedule.

The Unlocking Stories project is going to make the Museum better… and bigger! Thanks to huge generosity from the Dahl family, we have been able to buy the only adjacent property that allows us to expand. This incredible opportunity means the new Museum will have:

  • an increase from 3 galleries to 7, all with fabulous new displays and activities
  • upgraded access for all, including a Changing Places facility
  • improved energy efficiency for all buildings
  • 50% more public space overall
  • all the charm and character that we have today!
Why are we doing this?

We see every day the benefits for families and groups when they experience culture, creativity, and heritage together. A bigger and better Roald Dahl Museum will be able to welcome more people, making memories and boosting wellbeing. That really matters.

Families of all shapes and sizes, and school groups from Reception through to Year 8 will enjoy seven new galleries that better support multi-generation play and learning. We want kids and grown-ups to have the best possible time!

There are many ways to experience, respond to and create stories so the redesigned Museum will provide a brilliant and fulfilling time for a wider audience, including younger children and visitors with Special Education Needs or Disabilities (SEND). In short, the Museum will be better for everyone.


Why now?

The Roald Dahl Museum was built 20 years ago and is ageing well, but it is ageing. And some of our buildings are already 400 years old! As we take this amazing opportunity to redevelop and expand, we must do a thorough job.

We are an independent charity, so it is the income from our visitors that keeps the Museum open and preserves Roald Dahl’s archive as part of our national literary heritage. Every ticket, and every gift bought in our shop, helps keep us going. We are investing as much as we can for future generations: the Unlocking Stories project is a big job for a small organisation and we will need every bit of support we can get.

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