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Travel Bursary

The Amanda Conquy Travel Bursary

The Amanda Conquy Travel Bursary is named in recognition of the Chair of the Museum Board of Trustees from 2005 until 2014. Amanda’s contribution to the success of the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre is enormous and she remains a great friend of the Museum.


Our Travel Bursary scheme

Many schools need to hire coaches or pay train fares to visit the Museum. While this is not a problem for some schools, we are aware that it prevents others from visiting us who may not be able to afford these costs.


What does the bursary cover?

We can offer up to £450 towards travel costs for ten schools each academic year. The cost of the school session at the Museum is still payable by the school.

Please note that once a school has been awarded a bursary, the school pays the travel costs in the first instance. The costs will be reimbursed on receipt of an invoice from the school for the value of the bursary. This should be submitted within 30 days following the visit.


Who can apply?

Our Travel Bursary scheme is set up to identify schools which might be most in need of financial support.

On your application form we will ask you to write a detailed statement outlining why your school needs the award and how the bursary will make a difference for your pupils.

You should explain relevant factors such as:

  • Numbers in your school receiving free school meals
  • If your visit makes use of your Pupil Premium allowance
  • Percentage of EAL students
  • Barriers to your visit
  • The impact that you expect your visit to have


When should I apply?

We run a rolling deadline for applications so that the scheme is flexible and open to a range of schools.

We must receive your application at least 28 days before your visit to the Museum.

Please contact us for up-to-date information on the number of bursaries currently available.

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