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Roald Dahl Museum Schools

Whichever books you’re reading with your class, these sessions will take you behind-the-scenes to discover Roald Dahl’s writing processes...

Bring your class to the Museum

Explore elements of Roald Dahl’s writing process and life through a visit to the Museum.

Our Museum is the perfect place to see the writing process in action by one of its masters. Pupils will discover how they can use the same techniques themselves and find out more about Roald Dahl’s life while exploring our fun, interactive galleries in one of our facilitated sessions.

We have a range of exciting sessions for Years 2-4 and Years 5-8 around themes such as crafting characters, editing/redrafting and unlocking ideas and inspiration. We offer two types of session: galleries-based 90 minute sessions and archive-based 180 minute sessions. Both types are based around a key literacy area which is the focus throughout your visit.

Included in the cost of a visit are:

  • one free adult place for every six children and free 1-to-1 support
  • a Sparky Schools Information Pack to help you prepare for the day
  • Terrific Teacher Golden Tickets to gain free entry to the Museum to carry out your risk assessment in advance of your trip
  • all learning resources and materials needed throughout your visit
  • a dedicated lunch area for your school as well as an area to leave coats/bags during the day

You can combine all our sessions with our free self-guided Village Trail. You can lead this walk to discover inspiration for Roald Dahl’s stories in the local area.

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Livestream learning in your classroom

Bring the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre and our experts right into your classroom!

Your session leader will connect you directly to the Museum through a mix of pre-recorded films in and around our galleries, live presentation, and facilitated activities using pre-delivered resources for your class to do with us.

Discover the different ways that Roald Dahl found ideas for his characters before using two of these techniques to start creating your very own. Perfect for Years 2-4 and Years 5-8.

Included in the cost of a Livestream session are:

  • all learning materials needed in a downloadable Resource Pack
  • a downloadable pre and post session Activities Pack
  • a downloadable Roald Dahl FAQ poster
  • a 20 minute tech test on a day prior to your session to test your tech and discuss any logistics for the day
  • 10 minutes of set up time just ahead of your session start time to help avoid delays in beginning your session

You don’t need to be a Wonka tech wizard to enjoy this experience with your class! We will guide you through the process to make setting up your session as straightforward as possible.

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“It’s easy to say ‘use your imagination’ but this has given me the tools to do that.”

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Buckinghamshire Livestream learning offer

We are offering Bucks state schools a special 25% discount for one year group per school to take part in a livestream learning session. T&Cs apply. Contact us for more information.

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Roald Dahl Museum Learning

The Amanda Conquy Travel Bursary

Many schools need to hire coaches or pay train fares to visit the Museum. While this is not a problem for some schools, we are aware that it prevents others from visiting us who may not be able to afford these costs. Our Travel Bursary scheme is set up to identify schools which might be most in need of financial support. We can offer up to £450 towards travel costs for ten schools each academic year. Contact us for more details and an application form.

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Roald Dahl Museum Bursary